How can 4 be half of 5

There is How can 4 be half of 5 that can make the technique much easier.

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How Can The Number Four be Half of Five? Riddle (Answer)

How can the number four be half of five? FIVE. Take away the F and E and you're left with IV. That's four in Roman Numerals.

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the number 4 is half of 5 how?

Four is half of five Let me explain the logic behind this sentence. And then you are free to decide if it's true or false. :D The word FIVE has 4 letters. Out of which, the 2nd and 3rd letter is used to

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RIDDLE.. . how can the number 4

In some clocks and watches 4 is IIII. Fun Fact: One reason clocks use IIII instead of IV is that casting all the numerals for a clock can be using four castings of VIIIIIX. But that's tally marks

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