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Area of a Pentagon Calculator

Area of a regular pentagon = (5 s2) / (4tan (36º)), where s = side length. tan (36º) = √ (5-2√5). [13] So if your calculator doesn't have a tan function, use the formula Area = (5 s2) / (4√ (5-2√5)). 3 Choose a

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Pentagonal Prism Calculator

Below are the standard formulas for surface area. Surface Area Formulas: Capsule Surface Area Volume = π r 2 ( (4/3)r + a) Surface Area = 2 π r (2r + a) Circular Cone Surface Area Volume = (1/3) π r 2 h Lateral Surface Area = π rs
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Regular Pentagon

The surface area of a capsule can be determined by combining the surface area equations for a sphere and the lateral surface area of a cylinder. Note that the surface area of the bases of the

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