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How do you find the y intercept of a graph

In this blog post, we will be discussing How do you find the y intercept of a graph.

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Finding the x-intercepts of a function

Where a line crosses the y-axis of a graph Just find the value of y when x equals 0 Example: In the above diagram the line crosses the y axis at y = 1 Example: Here the line crosses the y axis at y = −2 Point The y-intercept is an (x,y) point with

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Graphing a Line Using the Slope and Y-Intercept

The y y intercept of a graph is the point where the graph intersects the y y -axis. We know that the x x -coordinate of any point on the y y -axis is 0 0. So the x x -coordinate of a


Use the equation of the function to find the y- intercept. y = 12 x2 + 48 x + 49 The y-intercept has two parts: the x-value and the y-value. Note that the x-value is always zero. So, plug in zero for x and solve for y: y = 12 (0) 2 +

How to Find the Y-Intercept of a Graph

This equation is in slope-intercept form, sometimes called y=mx+b. B is the y-intercept, in this equation b=4. So place your first point on the y axis 4 units above the origin

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